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Frequently Asked QuestionsIssues

How do I buy the game?
Go here and pay with your desired method. Simple!
Can you fix this bug?
Yes. Please use the forums to post bugs. Although remember that we've got thousands of people telling us off each day - try to be nice.
How do I make a forum account?
Make a KAG account - your KAG login details 'just work' on the forums.
Can you add xyz feature to the game?
Long story short, maybe, probably not. Understand that all ideas submitted to us are taken to be free of charge unless explicitly agreed beforehand with us.
How can I help?
First and foremost, if you like the game, buy it! We're independent developers and our existance hinges on sales! Secondly, spread the word! Tell your friends about the game, gift it to people, and spread it via social media.
I come from Steam, do I need to create new account?
No, you don't have to, as you already have one. When you have first launched the game via Steam (if you haven't linked your existing THD account to Steam) the account was automatically created for you. You can use that account to log in at our forums and in standalone KAG client. In order to be able to use this account you need to set on it email and password - you can do so in the main menu of the game after launching the game via Steam and hitting play in the launcher. The option for it should be at the bottom of the screen.